This is a record of the evolution and progress of this web site based on the documented updates, thought processes and events. I hope it may act as a record for posterity and as an idea of how this site evolved from a simple place for displaying my images of the Shadow Guards Army to one that hopes to be the ultimate resource site for the Dark Angels.
01 March 2001
The first launch of the Fortress of the Unforgiven.  As version one, this was intended simply as a site to display my Shadow Guards Army images and the first version of the Codex Unforgiven.

16 October 2001
The version 2.0 of The Fortress of the Unforgiven is atlast complete and launched in all its glory. It has been heavy work, balancing my  research commitments and the web design work. This site has come a long way from when I took my first tentative steps in to its creation on the 17th of February 2001.

Though this site does not compare to professionally created ones, I am quite proud of what I have achieved. I am no artist, but every icon and graphic in this site was drawn and created by myself. I have moved away completely from plagiarising GW icons this time around.

Much credit goes to all those who have contributed the content that makes up the substance of this site. You can see them all listed in the Halls of Glory.

17 October 2001
Major events occurring at the Bolter & Chainsword Chat Forum. Andy Hoare from WH40K Games development, GW generously shared his in-progress Dark Angel Codex Update and a huge flurry of responses followed. That the feedback was considered and chnges made to the list is enormously gratifying.

For his contributions to the Unforgiven Chapters, Andy Hoare has been promoted to the Inner Circle as Grandmaster and awarded the "Crucius Titanicus" medal in the Halls of honour.

Based on the feedback from visitors, corrections and fixes, mostly to spelling and broken / mismatched links are being under taken at the Fortress.

18 October 2001
600+ Hits in two days! The site has hit the 10,000 mark today. That  took about 8 months. Unfortunately the Homestead hit counter can't count to 5 digits, so I made a button stating that 10,000 visitors had passed, and the counter starts again from there!

03 November 2001
A new addition to the Codex Unforgiven. Rules for fielding a force representing the 8th Reserve (Assault) Company have been added.

A new piece of fiction written by yours truly called "Death on Qadis III" is also available in the Librarius Fabulosum section. This story was written as a way of introducing the opening of the revamped Fortress site and was published in the Drk Angels forum of the B&C chat board last month. It has now been modified and available for your reading pleasure.

06 November 2001
Another addition to the Codex Unforgiven. The burst of interest in the B&C spurred me to upload the rules Rules for fielding a force representing the 9th Reserve (Devastator) Company . The scout company rules will follow. I also intend to have a go at the "Iron Wing" concept at some time.

In addition three more web awards have been awarded to the Fortress Web Site and are displayed in the awards section.

10 November 2001
Final major addition to the Codex Unforgiven. Following the 8th and 9th Reserve company rules, the rules for fielding the 10th (Scout) Company and the Ironwing Battle Group have been uploaded. In the Ironwing, although many variant lists are available on the web,  I have taken quite a different approach, basing it on the concept of an ad-hoc battle group like formation which forms when the need arises.

In addition one more web award has been awarded to the Fortress Web Site and is displayed in the awards section.

21 November 2001
Official classification of this web site by iClass was received today. As requested a 11+ Mature classification was awarded to account for the description of violence in the fiction section. More webawards continue to be received.

01 December 2001
A new Dark Angel army, Strike Force Death Angels is now displayed in the Librarius Corona Intimus chamber. Web awards continue to be received by the Fortress site along with a few rejections, which continue to stimulate the growth of this site.

19 December 2001
The second part of the story "Dogfight" has been belatedly added to th Librarium Fabulosus section.

22 December 2001
Scout squad D'Elterran of the Shadow Guards Chapter has been added to "Custodes Umbrae Regnum" section.
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