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By ( Shadow Guard )

Son of the heretic, despoiler of worlds, Abaddon is his name
Half score and two beaten was he, surges once more destruction his aim!

Brace thy hearts and steel thy soul
To face the enemy and his abominations so foul!

Guns of the guard thirst; proud battle fleets stir;
The emperor's praetorians, the angels of death

To face the coming test they come from afar
To stand in harms way with the shield of their faith

True sons of the Lion, the emperor's finest
First of the first and the best of the best

Unforgiven we may be, our regent in slumber
Despoiler's plans we shall smash asunder!

Protect the innocent, defence their need,
uphold the emperor's law and his creed

Relentless battle, defiant victory,
honourable death, our true destiny

Infidels shall bleed, heretics burn
Unbelievers be crushed and the fallen return!

Honour retained!
Faith replenished!
Redemption is at hand!
Let us face the damned!

This litany was published on the web in 2003 as an introduction to the coming Gathering of Angels world wide campaign conducted by the members of the Inner Circle. This campaign depicted the Unforgiven activities during the Eye of Terror Campaign condcuted by Games Workshop.