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By ( Shadow Guard )

Long we prepared for war this day, to hold the despoiler well at bay
In the fires of hell he plans and plots, where evil lurks and shadows play!

Imperial legions corrupted by decay, emperor's sons led astray,
God machines, foul daemons, billions of heretics under his sway!

Onward he marches death at his feet, plague and famine follow to greet
Fiery skies, roiling oceans, burning air and rotting meat!

Innocence defiled, honour destroyed, murder and mayhem forever repeat
In his vision he feels like god for who may dare blockade his fleet!

In this hour of darkness and despair, all would question who would dare
As this daemon leaves its lair to destroy all that is pure and fair.

Defiler of worlds, death incarnate, daemons throng by the score
Valiant warriors we go to war, defy him we shall forever and more!

With sword in hand we shall remove that sore
Our feats of might shall become fabled lore!

Powerfists raised, bolters ready, to slay the villain our aim so true
In space or land, on sea or sand we shall stain this land with the daemons gore!

Sons of Jonson the true first born, prepare your souls for battle reborn,
Strike the enemy where hope forlorn, you shall not falter until the new dawn!

Stand by me with warrior's pride, the son of darkness shall not pass
Let them try for woe betide, the emperors angels are here en masse!

Imperial guard and battle fleets together,
Emperor's legions they be birds of feather
A force of might unseen hither
With terrible power Ye Angels Gather!

This litany was published on the web in 2003 as the opening salvo of the Gathering of Angels world wide campaign conducted by the members of the Inner Circle. This campaign depicted the Unforgiven activities during the Eye of Terror Campaign condcuted by Games Workshop.