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This is the iconic resource site for Blood Angels on the web. Simply put, no self respecting, red thirsting blood angel player would miss coming to this site repeatedly. On arrival you are greeted by a frames format with a no frmaes option. The main page has a massive image of the web master's entire Blood Angel Army. Massive is quite the understatement. A tactica archive contains more than 40 artciles and army lists while a bat reps section has over 50 reports some written and some with images making it probably the largest such collection on the web. There are more sections on background history, painting and modelling, guest army displays, banner archives, terrain creation and a sister of battle army with a Hello Kitty flavour.

I think the most endearing part of this site are the images of the web master and his gaming family, driving home the homely atmosphere of their wargaming escapades. There is a huge amount of content buries within these walls and site itself oozes with the dedication of the web master. A visit is a must to all space marine players.

Webmaster: Brother Edwards
Webmaster: Mattias Persson
( Chaplain Desmodeus )
As the main page of  this web site opens one gets the feeling of impending doom creeping in to their spines. This is the home page of the Flesh Eaters, a third founding space marine successor chapter of the Blood Angels, created by Mattias Perssons, alias Chaplain Desmodius. This is a site dedicated entirely to this home built DIY chapter and was previously called Karpathos. The vampirish  nature of the chapter is captured eloquently in the opening page. The site loads fast and has excellent naigation. Five main sections can be found, including News, Flesheaters, Gallery, Author and Links.

The news section has the obvious facts about updates and works in progress. The Fleshtearer's section is relegated to an extensive display of the history, structure, traits and beliefs of this DIY chapter. Gallery is the largest section and contains an amazing selection of beautifully painted and converted models from the chapter, exposing the legendary skills of the author. It also contains many superb works of art by the author who has also collected for display images of models of Fleshtearers made by other hobbyists. The Author section has some notes about the elusive Desmodeus who is also a moderator at the Bolter + Chainsword Space Marine Forum. Finally the links section contains some very useful links. Overall an excellent site for inspiration in to the hobby both from the modeller's and the fluff writer's points of view.
Webmaster: Ash Hammer
Opening the front page we are greeted by an impressive picture of Crimson Fists in an engagement. On the main page, we have a futuristic style navigation bar and a resume' of the Crimson Fists Chapter history and organization wich is most detailed and interesting to read. The history section has the owners history of some of his Space Marine detachment's proeminent models, featuring pictures of them. Moving along to tactics section we are present with most usefull graphic schemes of methods of engagement for Space Marines. We also have a section dedicated to his army list and to Captain Cortez special character.

In teh galelry section he present pictures of his models who are painted to a high standard. The site also comprises a Stories section, with fan fiction, a question section about Crimson Fists and an Update section that has site history update. In the painting section we have most usefull tips on how to paint Cromson Fist marines, detailed with step by step pictures. It also has links to some other sites and a Scenery guide that has templates for making roads for 40K. On the bottom of navigation we have a sectiuon dedicated to "Leon", a movie charcter, translated into 40K background, plus pictures of his best painted army award and some info on Space marine physiology. Easy to browse around and to read, this site is a good source if you play Crimson Fists Space Marines or if you're just a fan.
Webmaster: Sebastian Stewart
Entering the main page of this site, one is treated to a very crisp and tidy interface. The webmaster, Sebastian Stuart has become legendary for his work on this space marine chapter to the extent he was one of the first twenty invited to add his site to the Games Workshops Gateway links page. Five major sections are presented, History, Gallery, Forge, Artwork and Battles.

The history section describes the history of the Scythes web site from its earliest version and is a real treat to read. In addition it also explains the history of the chapter and the authors plans for the future. The gallery has a small but superb selection of miniatures modelled and painted by the authro. The Scythes librarian in particular is an awesome piece of work. The forge contains images of works in progress to keep the avid Scythes fan drooling for more.  The artwork section is empty but should in due course be filled by the authors well known works while the battles section contains images of the Scythes in action against the aliens.

All in all a small but excellent site, easy to navigate and fast loading. It leaves the visitor thirsting for more that is sure to come in the near future.
Webmaster: Griffon Lord
The main page displays a crisp image of a howling griffon along with six main subsections. The main sections are displayed at the top ith drop down menus for their subsections, making navigation a breeze. The main sections are Howling Griffons, Scythes of the Emperor, Badab War, Other Models, Guest Gallery and Links.

Howling Griffons section a gallery, background, Codex, News and fiction sections along with unrelated sections on a visit to the warhammer world and legal information. The Scythes section contains the Codex, History and Andrew Taylor's Scythes army. The guest gallery has a nice touch concentrating a number of Howling Griffon armies in one place. The Badab war section gives a short history of the Badab war and the Badab War Challenge, which aims to accumulate armies of chapters involved in that particular war. While not extensive it is another nice touch to this unique site. Other Models contains models from other armies and other game systems while the links section has a small number of useful links.

A very nice idea implemented very skillfully but the presence ofunreletaed models and game systems detract from what is otherwise an excellent web site supporting the chapters involved in the Badab Wars
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