Heavy Support Units
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Fast Attack Units
Land Raider Leviathan
A highly specialised version of the advancd landraider design, used exclusively for major assaults, when a significant portion of the company is deployed. It was developed from the Spartan design, specifically for batlefield delivery of assault troops and dreadnoughts.
Landraider Leviathan                  220                14/12                14                   14                 4
Type: Tank

Weapons: Heavy Flamer Sponson on each side; May be fired regardless of distance travelled. Frag Assault Launchers. Extra armour and smoke dispensers are standard

Transport:          This is a dedicated battle field transport. All weapons, sensors and targetting devices have been removed to allow transport space. It may accommodate up to 15 spacemarines with or without jump packs.

Options: Reinforced ramp for +15 points.

Reinforced Ramp:
A battlefield innovation by the assault company for rapidly deploying dreadnoughts in a ground assault. The reinforced ramp is lowered to a horizontal position to allow a dreadnought to stand at the front of the LRL while it moves. This reduces the transport capacity to 10 troops and reduces the frontal AV to 12 but adds the dreadnoughts firepower to the tank and mobility to the dreadnought.

The dreadnought & squad deploy as normal and may assault after deployment.

Restriction: Only used in ground assaults.
Design Comments: This is the only heavy support. Basically an Armoured Personal Carrier as opposed to an Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Advantages of heavy armoured protection and mobility countered by very short range weapons to again direct the player towards close assaults. Advantage of allowing the transport of a dreadnought is countered by the reduction in protection (AV drops to 12) when doing so. Again the rstriction of ground assault only is present.

This list may seem to be over powerful and similarities drawn to many other DIY codices created. But there are a lot of built in restrictions which I think will make it balanced. Firstly, there are simply a lot of restrictions in terms of the units. No tanks, ordnance weapons, bikes, landspeeders or librarian. I have worked on the principle of adding about 2 new units, modifying and increasing the options of one existing unit and perhaps adding one new vehicle.

Each new unit has it's own restriction for play balance, including increased points costs and limited weapon selection as well as not allowing all special units to be deployed. Perhaps the most powerful effect on game-play would come from the Assault Pathfinders  but they cannot be deployed along with the Landraider Leviathan.
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