This section is one attempt to describe the entire structure and composition of the Dark Angels chapter. Every known piece of information relevant to the structure and function of the Dark Angel chapter has been brought together from all manner of Games Workshop material. Much has been based on the Ultramarines structure from the Codex Spacemarines to create the general outline. I have further added much to make this article quite plausible. This is in no way the official GW version nor is it in anyway an attempt to infringe on their IP. There are many versions of imperial history buried within the sands of time and this is but just one of them.
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The Dark Angels chapter has remained one of the most reliable and dedicated spacemarine chapters in the 41st millennium. Their conduct has remained exemplary although their actions some times seem unpredictable. This section takes a detailed look at the structure and composition of the chapter in the Age of the Imperium. Detailed below is the generic outline of the various organisations and commands that make up the Dark Angels chapter. Press of the relevant icons for more detailed information on each of these commands and companies.
Chapter High Command
Librarius Angelus Tenebrae
Reclusium Angelus Mortis
Fabricium Mortis
Apothecarium Medicor
Commeatus Consul
Administratum Arx
Battle Fleet Angelus Mortis
Custodes Castellanus
First Company "Deathwing"
Second Company "Ravenwing"
Third Battle Company
Fourth Battle Company
Fifth Battle Company
Eighth Reserve (Assault) Company
Ninth Reserve (Devastator) Company
Tenth (Scout) Company
Sixth Reserve (Tactical) Company
Seventh Reserve (Tactical) Company